It’s back!

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For a lot of people the arrival of September means back to school, crisp weather and the first thought that winter is coming. For me and I’m sure many others September means the return of your favourite TV show, or the premiere of some highly anticipated ones.

*disclaimer: there will be spoilers if you keep reading, so if you are not caught up and don’t want to be spoiled please refrain from reading the rest of this post*

Let me run down my top 10 choices for this years fall TV schedule:

The Mindy Project
When we last saw Mindy she was having her fairy tale moment on top of the Empire State Building with Danny. The fans asked for it to happen ever since the show began and now that it is finally here we are all left wondering will it last? The upcoming season will be a very interesting and exciting one to see if Mindy and Danny are meant to be together or are just meant to be friends. I hope together, but we all know TV forever never happens. After it’s all said and done I’m team Manny all the way!

The Flash
Being a huge super hero fan I am beyond excited this show will be airing. After the teasers and the setup they gave it in The Arrow Im really happy they followed through and made it happened. I did see the pilot already and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. Not to mention the cast is on par can anyone say Wentworth Miller? Although he won’t make an appearance till later in the season Im super excited to see his return to the television world. If the flash is anything like Arrow it will not disappoint on story or action.

This show is getting a lot of hype way before the premier and I completely see why, the promos are on par of what a batman related television show would look like. I can’t wait to see what action and adventure this show has to offer pre batman age.

We left Oliver Queen saving his friends once again in the season finale. I think it’s safe to say that this season I hope him and Felicity finally get together, it might be a long shot but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. No doubt this season will bring more action then ever before and most importantly more villains.

The Black List
Although a little predictable in its main story lines regarding the characters I still enjoy watching this show and can’t wait for it to return.

Once upon a time
I’m actually surprised that I’m even adding this to my top ten because I have almost given up on this show numerous times but stuck around hoping something big would come. Well I think sticking to what is current, adding the frozen storyline, was a great choice for the creators of once upon time. I’m excited to see the new characters and what they will add to the show. All I ask is please make your mind up about Regina is she evil is she good? She can only be one and I think evil is her forte.

I love sitcoms so stumbling upon this show I wasn’t sure it would even return for a second season but I’m glad it is. It has it’s funny moments and kept me coming back week after week, hopefully it continues.

The 100
This is probably the one show I’m looking forward to the most. It was very unexpected how much I enjoyed watching the show and thought the storyline was great, although sometimes felt a little kiddie it was made up by someone getting speared which bounced me back right into it all. I was left wondering where Clarke and the rest of the 100 ended up this season should be very interesting. And the big question will Clark’s mom find her?

Vampire Diaries
Is Damon alive? Enough said. I’m simply retuning to find out the fate of Damon and what the writers have in store. They have no officially said he is dead which has me pondering how will his epic return happen?

The Walking Dead
I know what you are going to say, zombies really? Well it is my secret obsession and I do love watching this show. We left most of the cast trapped in a container by strangers and I’m curious if they will escape unscathed.

Well there you have it, my top ten most anticipated shows. I’ll also be watching countless others but I’m most excited about those.

What show are you most excited for this fall?


The Originals season 1 Episode 13

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Father Kieran is in a great deal of trouble, Sophie gets a surprise visit, and Haley throws a party.

Father Kieran gets a spell placed on him by a very powerful witch which could cause him to die. The witch proposes to Cami that the only way she will reverse the spell is if she stabs Klaus through the heart with the only thing that could kill him; the knife Celeste enchanted. Anyone in there right mind would think that Cami wouldn’t have a problem with stabbing Klaus but instead of doing this she tells Klaus what is going on and hands over the knife to him. Surprising seeing how Klaus has been nothing but a nuisance to her. Confused at why Cami didn’t just stab him she lets him know that she would rather be on the winning side than against them. Smart women considering she is dealing with originals.

Sophie’s sister is reincarnated from the harvest which gives the witches and Marcel hope that the rest will be reincarnated in due time.

Elijah comes face to face with Celeste and boy is she powerful. She is able to make him so weak that he falls to his knees. It’s not everyday you see an original fall to their knees. Celeste then let’s Elijah know that he can only save one and that Klaus, Haley, and Rebekkah are all in danger. In the end he of course saves Haley, who is reunited with some wolves from her past that she didn’t really know about.

Klaus is stabbed by Sophie with the all powerful knife. The knife then disappears into his body crippling him. Could it be, has Klaus finally been beaten? I doubt it but it’s definitely a weird thing to see all three originals being beat and by a bunch of witches at that.

It’s hard to say what the fate of the originals will be, I’m sure they will come back stronger and defeat everyone, but for now they are the ones being beat. One person whose fate was sealed was Sophie who being betrayed by her sister ends up being killed allowing her sister to now lead the family magic into the future.

We all think that vampires are such powerful beings but after tonight’s episode it is being quite apparent that he witches sure know what they are doing and have all the control for now.

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 17

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The Series is starting to wind down and what better then to venture into Ted’s past relationship, Barney to bass down the playbook, and Marshall and Lily kiss and make up.

In this episode Ted finally lets go of Robin and his lover for her, he has accepted that she is marring Robin and he will never be with her. Robin lets ted know his top 5 best relationship and top 5 terrible relationships. But Ted then lets Robin know that there was only 1 that could make the best list and that was her. I am so happy that Robin doesn’t get all confused emotions and thinks that she love Ted, we all know that Tv Shows always do that, instead she helps him move on and let go of the past. Now Ted is ready to find his love.

While Still in his drunken state Barney runs into two young men wondering if they will ever find women. Barney embarks on a journey with them to show them his ways. By the end Barney passes the playbook onto them, Barney Stinson will always live on.

Lily and Marshall finally make up after Marshall is visited by Lilly’s 2013 ghost and 2006 ghost as well as Robins ghost and his fathers, yes you heard me ghosts. All to help him realize that in the end he may end up losing Lilly unless he supports her and doesn’t lie to her. Lilly then returns and says that they are going to stay in New York because it is the right thing to do.

I think that it is hilarious that the writers of HImYm just don’t care anymore and are mkaing the episode as random as they can get. Ghosts and then Robin flying up into the sky just like a balloon that is lost to signify Ted letting go. So ridiculous but they can totally get away with it.

The countdown is on and only a few more episode left until the series finale.

Teen wolf season 3 Episode 17

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Allison, Issachar, and mr argent try and figure out who the men in dark masks are, and who they are really looking for. Stiles still deals with the unknown of what is happening to him. Scott tries to protect Kira, and the twins try and protect Scott.

In order to get the full story of who the men in dark masks are Mr. Argent must go to the man who experienced it first hand. In order to talk to him Issachar gets sent in as a decoy so Allison and Mr. Argent can sneak in to speak with him privately. Once it’s all said in done the three learn of what the men in dark want, they are searching for an evil spirit to posses.

Not knowing who the men want but having a feeling it’s Kira, Scott locks himself and Kira into his house in hopes that the when Darkness falls they can keep safe. When Scott’s dad shows up confronting the two about their break in into his office Scott’s dad gets stabbed by one of the dark masked men. Using magic they buy themselves some time to keep the darkness out but that doesn’t last very long. After speaking with Allison and knowing that they only want the most evil supernatural being Scott allows the darkness to test himself and Kira, because he believe they are not who the men are looking for, he was right and the darkness moves on. But where too?

After waking up from a long slumber from a sedative Scott’s mom gave him, Stiles wanders around e hospital coming face to face with the darkness. Then it happened BAM Stile because a badass evil something or other. He shreds one of the men to pieces and the other two dissolve into him. When Scott finds Stiles everything seems right with the world again.

It’s been a while since a tv show stumped me where I completely space and am genuinely shocked by the outcome at the end. Now thinking about it I should have known that this was going happen, why on earth would Kira be the evil one, Stiles really is the obvious choice with everything he has been going on with him.

Now the question lies, will stiles know he is possessed by an evil darkness? I think that he won’t and he will just deteriorate over time allowing the darkness to take over little by little.

Being Human Season 4 Episode 4

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Josh runs into a pregnant world, Sally searched for answers for the girl tortured her in her house and Aidan deals with his relationship with Kat and Suzanna. 

Nora enlists Josh to really focus on the things that trigger his wolf to surface, but Josh decides to go hard and work out instead. Going for a run he runs into another wolf in which he smells. Creeping her out in the beginning he begins talking to her noticing that she is afraid and pregnant. After hearing that both her and her husband are wolves and that the baby may actually be born a wolf as well, Josh enlists Nora’s help to get in ultra sound. When things go south the husband and wife flee leaving both Josh and Nora to wondering if they will be okay. Unfortunately only being three months pregnant the wife goes into labour and both her and her husband show up on Josh and Nora’s foot steps for help. The baby is born with little complications, the only being that she is a wolf. The parents don’t care and accept their child with joy. This now leaves both Josh and Nora thinking of having a baby wolf to raise. Do you think Josh and Nora are next? I’m sure with what they are dealing with right now a baby is a little out of the question, but the audience can dream right? Just think a little Josh and Nora running around! Cute! 

Sally didn’t really have a heavy episode this time around, mostly her enlisting the help of ghost whisperer Zoe to connect with the family of the girl that was attacked in her house. I’m sure this storyline will develop a lot more but this episode wasn’t very focused on it. 

Aidan, Aidan, Aidan! He confronts Suzannah about killing other vampires, in which I was highly disappointed on how anti climatic the conformation really was, I was expecting some fight action between the two, but the conformation wasn’t the plot of this episode, it was Kat and his relationship with her. Both him and Kat decide to go on a two week vacation with one another and while booking the vacation Kat dives into wanting to know about Aidan’s past, when he can’t really answer her she questions why he has never told her about his childhood and growing up. This causes Aidan to make up and entire life for himself and get Nora involved in helping make up a lie to tell Kat. When Savannah tells Aidan he should just break up with Kat because it will either end with her running away, him changing her, her wanting to be changed, or her dead, Aidan does the rational thing, goes and tells Kat everything, and by everything I mean everything! The episode ends us in suspense as Aidan spits out “I am a Vampire” and Kat Laughs.

Next week episode should be a very heavy Kat-Aidan episode. I can’t wait for how Aidan reacts to the laughing Kat. Do you think he will retract everything he is saying? Do you think he will convince her that he really is a vampire? Will he compel her to forget? The questions are endless and I guess we will just have to wait for next week to see how the Kat and Aidan relationship will end up.

Team Kat or Savannah? KAT!! 

2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 16

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The diner gets an ATM, Max Breaks up with Deek, Caroline is rich?

I can’t believe Max is this upset about Deek being rich, so much so as to break up with him. But fear not Deek will not give up that easy. He tries everything he can to get Max back, including give her 1 million dollars. Caroline just about has a heart attack at the though of 1 million dollars. To make a point that she can’t just be bought Max goes and spends the money to make Deek angry. Lets clarify something Max going and spending money really means buying folders coffee, godiva chocolate, and herbal essence (all given away as gifts.) In the end Deek still doesn’t budge as the reason why he gives Max the money is so that she spends it. Poor Deek is finally offended by the stupid Max and decides to give up. God I love Deek so much, he really doesn’t deserve what Max is doing. Caroline just wants them to be together as she know they are perfect for each other.

With their new found millions they both Caroline and Max quit diner, and Max pretty much quits her life and her dream of cupcakes. But that doesn’t last long when Caroline makes her believe that quitting life just because she is rich isn’t a life at all. So Max and Caroline both go back to the diner and go back to return the money and apologizing to Deek.

I’m not sure what Max and Deeks relationship holds in the show but i’m hoping that Deek sticks around. Like i said he adds a lot to the show and a lot to Max, there dialogue back and forth is always witty and I can’t really imagine how the show was without him. Although I said that about Andy and Caroline’s relationship and we all know how that worked out. So I guess only time will tell for Deeks fate in the show.

Girls Season 3 Episode 5

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This Episode was so hilarious, Sometimes this show is so spot on how girls really do act, but in the end also men. The writing was just fantastic in this particular episode. Hannah searches for a new buyer of her book asking her newly deceased publishers wife for a hook up, at his funeral…Oh Hannah you do not know boundaries. Well unfortunately Karma’s a bitch and Hannah thinking that she finally has a really book deal gets some bad news that she actually sell her book to another publisher for 3 years because of copyright issues, poor girl just can’t catch a break in her book department. 

Adam and his sister have a huge argument again driving Hannah to go nuts and becoming the medium between the two. When all seems quiet, Hannah comes home after learning her book won’t go anywhere to Adams sister not being understanding towards her which causes a fight between them and Hannah kicking Adams sister out. I will let you know I highly enjoyed the words between these two ladies and I hope to god Adams sister sticks around I absolutely lover her. Adam returns home to his sister gone and Hannah drunk. He then gets mad at Hannah for kicking her out, even though days before Adam wanted to kick her out. Typical has to be under his terms. 

Marnie and Ray have sex. Random!!! God i hate girls like Marnie, so desperate and of course being Ray being a guy wouldn’t say no, which guy would. I wonder what Shoshonna will think about all of this. 

Speaking of Shoshonna Where is she! Another one line scene UGH! i need more of her!

Who stole the show? Adams Sister!! 

Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 9

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Caleb starts his first day of school, Luke and Olivia’s mom is arrested, Dillion causes trouble, and Remy searches for answers. 

This episode finally gives the audience answers about Dillion and how he is involved in all of this. Being marked himself, Dillion made a deal with “him” so he wouldn’t be the one to die instead he offers up Olivia. Olivia still doesn’t want to believe that Dillion is a bad guy but Luke is hoping he can change her mind. I really want Dillion is come forward and be more evil then he has been, makes for some good TV. 

Arresting Luke and Olivia’s mother every episode is really getting old. At least if you arrest her keep her in jail for at least 5 minutes not 2. Although Olivia grows a pair and asks Colin’s for help, posting bail. Should be interesting to see how he asks for them to pay him back because a debt always needs to get paid. 

Its about time Remy is no longer having sleeping issues, although she was boring in this episode. She didn’t seem to have anything to add to this episode, her dreams were the way she helped solve all the issues. 

Caleb goes back to school where people already thinks he is weird for talking to himself (really Miranda.) 

Although it felt like not a whole lot happened in the episode it was still a very important episode, finding out that Dillion was really marked but made a deal. Now the hunt is on for the ring master. 

I think Ravenswood has to have a great Winter Finale for the audience to want to come up, I feel like the storyline isn’t going anywhere fast, same old every episode. Lets hope it will end on a high note, its probably the only way i’ll come back. 

Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 12

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Talk about a 360 turn. The audience is to believe that Katherine is really going to die but last minute she travels into Elena’s body. I for one was glad that Katherine has a fighting chance. Elena is so boring, Katherine on the other hand adds so much to the storyline by just being the evil bitch she is. I thought that Vampire Diaries was losing its touch, but it definitely got my attention back after this episode. Could it be true is Elena really gone? I doubt it, i’m sure someone will realize or something will happen happen to make them realize that Katherine isn’t dead and Elena is in trouble. Don’t know if i really care if Elena ever really comes back, so should be interesting to see it all play out.

Meanwhile Tyler and Carolin are on the rocks again. Tyler finds out that Carolin slept with Klaus causing him to lose all faith in the person she is. Stefan comes to her rescue by telling him that he was an ass. To be honest i’m over the Carolin and Tyler relationship. I’m team Carolin and Klaus all the way. Hoping that Klaus doesn’t listen and doesn’t stay away.

Poor Damon gets dumped by who he thinks is Elena but of course it was Katherine, Now Damon is tired of hiding his monster and is ready to bring it forward. Him paired with Enzo should be quite the danger for mystic falls.

Team Elena or Team Katherine? Katherine!!

The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 14

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The Convention Conundrum

The boys try to get comic con tickets but when they fail, Leonard decides to get scalped tickets, while Sheldon tries to start his own comic con convection. The girls attend a not so grown up tea party.

Sheldon goes goes and seeks out the voice of Darth Vader to get him to join his own comic con convention, surprisingly he actually  succeeds in finding him and actually gets to talk to the guy. They up spending the whole day together. I love when Sheldon gets one of his ideas and just rolls with it not real caring about any personal boundaries. Usually the audience is used to Sheldon being shot down by these “famous” people but not today, it was a nice change but nothing really to exciting.

Meanwhile Leonard, Howard, and Raj are regret their decision to buy scalped tickets to comic con as they are afraid of being arrested and decide to back out, but then Leonard decides to be a big bad man and convinces the other two to keep the tickets and live a little. When its all said and done they back out as soon as the seller coming knowing on their door. Howard shuts the lights off in hopes that they will just.

The girls decide that the boys are so busy figuring out comic con that they should go to a tea a party, which actually turns out to be for a much younger crowd *cough* *cough* children. They spot a bar and head over there for some drinks where they reminisce how childlike they really are.

With the funniest bit happening in the first two minutes of the episode the rest of it was bland, and not that funny. The episode ended abruptly too, as it looked like Sheldon could actually get tickets from “Darth Vader’s voice” to comic con for him and his friends, but nothing was said after about it. I wonder if there will be a future episode of them at comic con, as i’m sure that episode will be hilarious.